Temp Page
This is a temporary page until I get the real one fixed. It might be a while, but see the menu to visit my current developments!
About AlexRiggsDev
I have been developing different projects for years now, yet I had no way that I could really share them all in a all-in-one system. I have recently learned about various tools such as Jenkins and others. Since then, I have created AlexRiggsDev. AlexRiggsDev Is meant to give:
  • A nice user interface for all of my developments
  • A place for people to request me to make things
  • A place that people can go to find support
  • A place that people can go to find download links
  • A place for people to find out how to use something
  • (more coming)
With this new system, I am now able to do all of this in one easy place. Feel free to browse around an see all of my different projects. And remember, I am still building this site, so expect to see errors and incomplete pages!